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1. Standard size of photograph to be submitted: 10" x 8" (8R size).


2. Only hard copies to be submitted to the symposium secretariat at the registration counter.


3. Photograph may include that of any life stages of the tephritid fruit fly and their natural enemies.


4. Photograph to be submitted by the participants must have been taken by themselves and not to be downloaded from Internet. By submitting the photograph(s), the participants acknowledge that the photograph(s) were taken by themselves.  Any infringement of this clause will render the entry of the participants for the contest void.


5. Caption should be given for each photograph.


6. Name, address and email of the contestant should be listed on the back portion of photograph.


7. Photographs should be original in their entirety and use of any software in modifying the pictures is disallowed. The cost of photographing and printing the images is to be borne by the participants themselves.


8. Maximum number of entries per participant is five.

Winners will be announced at the end of the symposium during the closing ceremony. Certificates of contest participation shall also be provided. The decision of the panel of judges will be final.



9. The participant will retain copyright to their photographs. None of the submitted photographs shall be used for any purposes including commercial except with the permission of the participants.


10. Photographs will be returned to the participants after the closing ceremony.


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