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TAAO 2016

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About TAAO 

A number of tephritid fruit flies are known to be some world’s most invasive and damaging insect pests such as the oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis and the melon fly Zeugodacus cucurbitae. Damages caused by some of those species to fresh fruit and vegetables are not confined to fresh produce but affects international trade and quarantine restrictions in many countries that are highly dependent on the production of those horticultural commodities.

The Joint FAO/IAEA Division has been spearheading global efforts in supporting both action and research programmes aimed at combating those pestiferous insects. An integrative programme supported by an excellent network of researchers, extension workers and policy makers is vital to success in managing those pests. Taking cognizance of the current situation, the Division recognizes and supports the activity of three major networks i.e. Tephritid Workers of Western Hemisphere (TWWH) and Tephritid Workers of Europe, Africa and Middle East (TEAM) and the Tephritid Workers of Asia, Australia and Oceania (TAAO).


The TAAO network was recently revitalized during the 9th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance (9th ISFFEI) in Bangkok. Against the backdrop of the active TWWH and TEAM groups, there has been increasing interest in fostering similar closer networking amongst tephritid researchers and pest control officers in Asia and the Pacific, particularly when this region contains a considerable proportion of the global tephritid workers’ community and is host to a significant number of the world’s most invasive fruit fly species.

Specifically, the TAAO’s aims to:

· Broaden interaction and collaboration among tephritid workers from the region;

· Enhance capacity to develop and deploy effective diagnostic and management programmes;

· Provide a centralised forum for researchers, agencies, and regulators to access and obtain specific information or to contact          regional tephritid workers;

· Foster collegiality among tephritid workers in the region;

· Educate the wider community about the biological importance of tephritids and their impact on regional horticulture.

One of the major positive outcomes of the 9th ISFFEI was the support of the participants for an inaugural TAAO symposium to be held. Thus, it has been agreed that Dr. Alvin Hee of Universiti Putra Malaysia be the host of the first TAAO symposium to be held from 15-18th August 2016 in Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia. An international steering committee has been formed consisting of Mark Schutze (Australia) as TAAO Chair, Alvin Hee (Malaysia) as Organizing for the First TAAO Symposium (Malaysia 2016), Zhihong Li (China), Sujinda Thanaphum (Thailand), Suksom Chinvinijkul (Thailand), Sandeep Singh (India), Tati Suryati Syamsudin (Indonesia), Kenji Tsuruta (Japan), Suk Ling Wee (Malaysia), Phil Taylor (Australia), Annastasia Priscilla Kawi (Papua New Guinea), and Bonifacio Cayabyab (Philippines).


The TAAO was established as an independent professional and scientific organization with the purpose of bringing together tephritid workers from Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Initiated by Olivia Reynolds and Abdel Bakri under the guidance of the Joint UN/FAO IAEA, with the first TAAO symposium in Malaysia to be hosted by Dr Alvin Hee this year, TAAO enters a new phase as it works towards increasing regional involvement and participation in the study and management of fruit flies throughout the region.

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