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TAAO 2016

Kemaskini info

***Updates to the oral presentation EXCEPT keynote speakers: Duration of talks will be 15 minutes (including questions and answers)***


Please submit your abstracts under the REGISTRATION & ABSTRACT SUBMISSION menu. 


If you are unable to access or use the on-line form, you may submit the abstract by sending an email to with the abstract(s) as an attached MS Word file. Abstracts in an email body text or faxed abstracts will not be accepted. Please prepare your abstracts based on the following guidelines.


Do take note that submitted abstracts will be subjected to acceptance by an international panel of the Scientific Committee. Abstracts not accepted for oral presentations will be automatically considered for a poster. Authors will be advised of the decision of the Committee by 15th June 2016. At least one author of a submitted abstract should be registered before the abstract can be included in the programme.


Select a suitable session for your presentation. If none is applicable for your presentation, please select “Special Topics” and the let the Scientific Committee decide.


Abstract Format

1. Abstracts for oral or poster presentations are to be prepared in MS Word document and in English

2. Leave a 3 cm margin on the left and right, and 2.5 cm margin on top and bottom of the page

3. Abstract should be typed in Times New Roman with font sizes indicated in the following sections.  


Abstract Title:

1. The title should be 14-pt font size, bold, centred at the top of the page with no full stop.

2. The first letter of each word is to be capitalized (please do not capitalize prepositions, articles and species’ names).

3. Please use a concise title that indicates the content of abstract. Italicize scientific names of organisms, include species authority, do not use common name of species.

4. Skip one line 14-pt font size between Title and by-line containing name of authors.


Authors’ names and affiliations:

1. Authors’ names (first name followed by last name) are to be centred and bold (12-pt font size) with the presenting author appearing as the primary author.

2. Each author is to be separated by comma with the last author separated by the word ‘and’. Do not include any titles (i.e. PhD, MD, etc.).

3. Skip one line 12-pt font size between authors' names and affiliations. 

4. If multiple institutions are represented, please list the affiliations (10-pt font size) in the order in which the authors are listed. Include full institution name (acronym within brackets) and department, followed by city and country. Assign each institution a number (in superscript) and place the assigned number before each institution's name.  Also, place the respective number (in superscript) after each author's name.

5. The full postal address and e-mail should be included only for presenting author.

6. Skip one line 10-pt font size between authors' affiliations and the abstract text. 


Abstract Text: 

1. Abstract text (12-pt font size) should be no more than 300 words, including references.

2. The text is to be divided into three sections under the headings (italicized) followed by a colon as follows:



Results and Conclusions:

3. Use single line spacing, with 6-pt font spacing between paragraphs and justified style.

Do take note that the above guidelines pertaining to the sectioning of your abstract text DO NOT apply if your talk/poster presentation is of a review.  



Maximum of six terms or species names (10-pt font size) 

Please CLICK HERE for the sample abstract. 


Poster presentation


Please take note of the following dimensions when preparing your poster: International A1 size of 58cm x 82cm or 3” x 33" with vertical orientation.




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